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Marble Creek: A Retrospect

The place is massive, deep, and burned. Our path felt endless. In retrospect, looking back over the course of a long, fruitful, sometimes difficult year full of personal and societal…

Jun 07

Reconnaissance Mission: “To the Horizon”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines reconnaissance as a “military observation of a region to locate an enemy or ascertain strategic features.” And indeed, the name Reconnaissance Peak has paramilitary origins. …

May 05

Remembering Conservation Histories: “Very Forest-Mindedly Yours”

John Muir came into the Feather River country to renew an old friendship with Emily Pelton, a friend who had moved out from the Midwest. He spent most of the…

Apr 07

These Burned Places: On Loss, Community, and Our Local | Wild

With the exception of last month’s post from our guest writer Austin Hagwood, a local man invested in the protection of the Middle Fork of the Feather River, the Friends…

Mar 04


To those who appreciate wild and scenic waters, a trip to the Middle Fork of the Feather River is the equivalent of a painter touring the Louvre or a mountaineer’s…

Feb 03

Mountain House Creek: Three Returns

There are those places deep in the interior of our watershed that we look at on the map for so long that they become part of us. They gather mystery…

Jul 22

Óm ChumÍ Peak: Of Names and Special Interest

Things looked grim as the Friends of Plumas Wilderness Board of Directors planned our excursion to the proposed Dixie Mountain Special Interest Area. Sierra Valley was too dry to float…

Jun 04

Fall River Watershed: “All is not Lost”

Infinite variations of black, browns, tans and grays arrest our vision as we drive through miles and miles of burned terrain. The standing remains of the once-green forest in the…

Apr 30

Adams Peak: “Atop the Eastern Edge”

If the Middle Fork is the Wild Heart of the Lost Sierra, then its headwater region on the east side of our forest shapes its rugged spirit. The Eastside is…

Apr 03

Mosquito Creek: “The Wild Exception”

If you look closely at the boundary of the proposed Red Hill Special Interest Area, you’ll see an irregular arm extending northwestward to encompass the Mosquito Creek drainage from its…

Feb 26

Red Hill: “The Hilltop Island”

We explored the proposed Red Hill botanical Special Interest Area on a cool, clear day in late-December. We made an 8-mile loop around the hilltop island under wide, blue skies…

Feb 03

Welcome to Terrane!

Terrane / Terrain Terrane explores the facts of our natural communities firsthand: what they look like, sound like, smell like, and feel like; in other words, ground-truthing what it means…

Jan 21