Our Work

Friends of Plumas Wilderness is dedicated to studying, exploring, and maintaining the integrity of natural ecosystems where the Sierra and the Cascades meet.

We bring diverse stakeholders—federal land managers, state and national conservation organizations, and local residents—to the table to defend existing environmental protections on public lands and advocate for the permanent protection of wild places. We use our passion and knowledge of the land to cultivate environmental awareness through education and hands-on stewardship work.

What we do

Protect wild places

We advocate for the permanent protection of more wild lands and rivers where people and wildlife can find refuge. We use science to inform management decisions—we convene citizen scientists, collect data, and employ concepts from conservation biology and island biogeography to prioritize which areas we seek additional protections for. Sign the petition to protect our wild places >

Save snow sanctuaries

In today’s chaotic world people need refuge from the pollution and noise of civilization. We need more places where we can go and experience clean air and quiet. That’s why we’re dedicated to preserving snow sanctuaries and quality human-powered snow sports experiences in the Lost Sierra. Get to know the Lost Sierra’s snow sanctuaries >

Fight for our public lands

Give away our public lands for free? In 2017, the House of Representatives made it easier to transfer public lands—for free! Public land transfers can now be treated as ‘budget neutral.’ This budgetary maneuver is designed to make it look like giving away public land would cost nothing. But, public lands are a large source of government revenue, second only to taxes.

Our public lands are priceless. They provide us with clean air, water and abundant natural resources. They give us places we can recreate. Millions of Americans visit public lands each year to camp, hunt, fish and explore. Our public lands give us freedom. To give away our public land heritage is short-sighted and undemocratic. Public lands are “America’s Best Idea.” Giving them away would be “America’s Worst Idea.” Sign our petition to protect our public lands >


The Equinox

In The News


Since 1974, we’ve been defending The Lost Sierra so that our untamed nature and remote places stay forever wild. Some of our accomplishments include:

1974 – 1984

We led the effort to permanently protect the Bucks Lake Wilderness.

1986 – 1988

With support from The Wilderness Society and Natural Resources Defense Council drafted the Conservationist Alternative for the Plumas National Forest Land & Resource Management Plan.

1993 – 2012

Worked with a diverse group of stakeholders to form the Quincy Library Group where we worked to protect roadless areas and old-growth forests.

2015 – present

Developed the Skier Alternative for the Plumas National Forest Over-Snow Vehicle Use Designation Process. With support from Winter Wildlands Alliance, we produced Home: A Place Worth Protecting.

2017 – present

Partnered with The Wilderness Society and Cal Wild to prioritize eligible Wilderness Areas and Wild & Scenic Rivers on the Plumas National Forest. With support from Patagonia we produced Visions of the Lost Sierra.

2019 – present

Partnered with the Lassen National Forest, Sierra Forest Legacy, and other stakeholders to initiate planning to restore fire in the Ishi Wilderness.