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Give away our public lands for free?  That is exactly what the 115th Congress proposes to do.  On their first day in session, the House of Representatives made it easier to transfer public lands, for free!  Public land transfers can now be treated as ‘budget neutral.’  This budgetary maneuver is designed to make it look like giving away public land would cost nothing. But, public lands are a large source of government revenue, second only to taxes.

Our public lands are priceless. They provide us with clean air, water and abundant natural resources. They give us places we can recreate. Millions of Americans visit public lands each year to camp, hunt, fish and explore.  Our public lands give us freedom. To give away our public land heritage is short-sighted and undemocratic. Public lands are “America’s Best Idea.”  Giving them away would be “America’s Worst Idea.”

Friends of Plumas Wilderness is fighting for our public lands and will let you know how We The People can stop the public lands giveaway.

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