Saving Snow Sanctuaries

Saving Snow Sanctuaries

In today’s chaotic world people need refuge from the pollution and noise of civilization.  We need more places where we can go and experience clean air and quiet.

Currently, the only refuge for non-motorized winter recreation on the Plumas National Forest is the Bucks Lake Wilderness.  Of the 152 peaks in Plumas County over 6,000′ in elevation only a hand full do not allow snowmobiles.

We support the Plumas National Forest Winter Travel Plan’s Proposed Action to provide more places where people can experience the quiet of winter.  Let the Forest Service know you support Alternative 2 and share which places you want to see protected as sanctuaries of silence.

Your comments needed before 12/10/2018

The Draft Winter Travel Plan for the Plumas National Forest was released on 10/26/2018.  We commend the Forest Service crafting the Modified Proposed Action (Alternative 2) which balances the needs of wildlife with the wants of winter snowsports enthusiasts.  With some minor changes, such as expanding the boundaries of areas worthy of Wilderness protections, we support the Modified Proposed Action.

Learn about Winter Travel Planning on the Plumas National Forest by going to their OSV website and clicking on Project Webpage.  Under Project Documents, click on Analysis, then on Plumas OSV DEIS Vol I to look at Chapters 1-4 or OSV DEIS Vol II to look at Designated Area and Trail Information by Alternative.  Comment today!

Your comments will help the Plumas National Forest develop the Final Winter Travel Plan.  To make your comments matter, provide clear and concise statements on issues or places of importance to you and give constructive, solution-oriented ideas that will help the Forest Service with winter travel planning.

Don’t forget to thank the Forest Service for their work and commend them for creating a Proposed Action that addresses the needs of wildlife and the desires of winter visitors.

Before writing your comments, take a look at all the alternatives.  Feel free to incorporate ideas from different alternatives to put in your comments.

Friends of Plumas Wilderness Recommendations

To help you craft your comments, we provide an overview of areas we want protected as snow sanctuaries and give our recommendation for future management.  Recommendations are grouped into OSV Use Areas developed by the Forest Service.  In general, we strongly support the Proposed Action.  Where our recommendations differ from Alternative 2 we have written in bold italics.

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